Please please have a fan meet (in Canada hehe) xx

Hehe, I wish. I would love to go there though. Hehe ^ ^

Just want to say I love your clothing style its absolutely wonderful. I've got short hair too and I'm not sure if I want to re cut it or grow it out. I definitely want to dye it white after watching some of your videos! You're beautiful c'':

why thank you sooooo much!! Just try whatever makes you feel good!!

girl ... you r the best... I was searching for g dragon... and somehow ended up in your youtube channel... And loved the transformation video that you did based on Crooked, and then I ended up watching your other videos.. and subscribed... Seriously.. you r the best... <3 <3

Happy you liked that vid hun!! Thank you so much!! ^_^

Where have you been all my life you are so cool
Ohmygod, you are so perfect.. I just.. wow. Where did you get your "I be that pretty mother fucker" top from?

<3 <3 I got it from Karmaloop! ^_^

Hello Kri! I see you're growing your hair a little, adorable! I used to have a pixie cut and is growing it so I could get a somewhat jaw-length cut, but growing the sides are pain ): The transition made me look like daniel radcliffe hitting puberty or even 2000s nick carter lol. How do you manage to grow your sides so flawlessly?

Hehe I’m just growing it out and I never got a haircut ever since. lol 

I was on youtube looking up tutorials and came across your channel and i have to say you somehow inspired me a lot :)

I’m glad that I’m able to inspire you love!! <3 <3 <3 

Hi! i asked my hairdresser to cut my hair like yours (well... the way you used to have it), but she told me that it would give me a very heavy feeling (?) since i have black hair :s do you know any hairstyle that is similar to yours?

Hi! I also have black hair. I had the under cut hairstyle before I dyed it. So just try it out and see if it would work out!! You can do it! hehe Let me know how it goes! 

Hey I really love your look and photos! I was wondering if I you'd mind me doing homage with photomanips/graphics. I'd never take any credit and really I just want to be able to make something with your awesome style.

Hello! I’m so flattered that you love my style!! Thank you! And no I don’t mind at all! Go for it ^_^